Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I really am trying to get back into the blogging grove. Every time I do something seems to happen to keep me from sitting down and blogging. I actually did better at this whole blogging thing when I worked. I would start posts on my down time or lunch break at work. I just can’t get the hang of it at home.
Last week and the week before we learned about dinosaurs. We went on a trip to see some, made and then hunted for some dinosaur eggs, made a volcano, and threw in a couple of dinosaur crafts.
To fill in the blank space on our art wall we decided to make a dinosaur scene. I cut out some dinosaurs, a couple volcanos, a pond, and some palm trees. Belle painted the dinosaurs and then glued everything onto a large piece of easel paper to make her scene.
I wanted to make some dinosaur eggs with Belle that we could later dig up. I pulled out some rocks from our garden and let Belle paint them.

When she was done painting them we were ready to dig them up. I pulled out our bin of moon sand that I made last year for our space unit. I buried them and gave Belle a shovel to dig them out.

Once she found them we put them on a plate and used a paint brush to clean them off. Belle played for an hour in the bin digging, burying, and finding the eggs. Later we added some dinosaurs from our dinosaur sensory bin.

I didn’t like a lot of the crafts that I was finding for dinosaurs, I think we did the ones I liked best last year. So I was really excited to do something different with her this year. We made a volcano. She loved it!
This was super easy to make and the cleanup was a breeze. All you need is a cookie sheet, 2 cups, tinfoil, baking soda, vinegar, and red food coloring. Everything you should already have.
I took an old cookie sheet that I don’t use anymore and some plastic cups that were pushed in the back of the cupboard. I placed the smaller cup in the center and wrapped tinfoil around it. I then poured the baking soda into the cup, about quarter of the way up. We then mixed the vinegar and red food coloring in the second up.
I let Belle pour the vinegar into the volcano and see what happened. She loved it. We did it three times and she begged me to do it for daddy when he got home.

When we were done I rinsed out the cups and balled up the tinfoil to throw out. The tinfoil kept our lava together so there was no mess on the cookie sheet.
We did make one dinosaur craft. It didn’t really come out how I imagined it would but when the three year old is in charge what can you do. We made a hatching dinosaur egg. I cut out a dinosaur head from green construction paper. I also cut a small paper plate in half, zig zagged. Belle painted the paper plate which we used as the egg.
When the plate was dry we glued the dinosaur head to the bottom half of the plate. Belle added eyes and drew on a mouth and nose. Apparently our dinosaur wasn’t too happy to be hatching. I then connected the top half of the plate with a brad so that the egg could open and close. I think we glued the head down too far. It was a good shaped head but in the egg just looks like a blob. 

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