Friday, August 31, 2012

Closing a Chapter, Opening a New One

I haven’t been around this summer and well a lot has happened. Summer is always crazy busy for us, so it’s just easier for me to step away from the blog and enjoy the summer and my family. I never plan on stepping away it just happens. A day goes by then a week and before you know it summer is over and it’s been 2 months since I posted anything.

Like I said we have had a busy summer. Carnivals, the county fair, family picnics, parties and so on. Between the usual busyness of the summer my department underwent a huge conversion that happened the beginning of July. Everything moved from one company to ours, and to say we have been busy is an understatement. I put in a lot of overtime in the month of July and had more stress from this place then I care to think about. Thankfully it has completely slowed down these past few weeks and while it is more work, it is manageable.

Along with being busy we had a couple major changes in our life that are going to bring on more changes for our family. The Hubs left the banking industry that he’s been in for 7 years to the window business. While it was scary and stressful and something completely new for us it has been an amazing change for us. This new job has also allowed me to close a chapter in my life. Today I put my 2 week notice in at a job that I have been at for 7 years. In 2 weeks, I will be a stay at home mom.

I am so excited for this next chapter. I am excited to have this time with my daughter and my husband. This new job has him home in the mornings and late afternoons, but gone in the evenings until 10 at night. This will allow us more time together. Belle will be starting school in 2 years. I want to soak in this time with her. I want to relish in her toddler and preschool years. I want to teach her things and be there more for her.

While I am excited it was a bittersweet moment to put in my notice. I have called this place home for the past 5 years (I have been with the company 7, my current position 5). I have seen these people every day for years and now I won’t see them anymore. As much as this place has driven me nuts and all I have said for the past year is how much I want out, I will miss everyone and the time we have had together. I have many memories and we have had some very good times. But this opportunity I could not pass by. While my husband thinks I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back, I have thought over this for the past month and a half, weighing the options. It was not a completely easy decision there are always what ifs, but if I didn’t take it I would regret it.

On Tuesday I will start my last 2 weeks of being a working mom, and my baby girl will start her first day of preschool. That’s right on Tuesday Belle starts preschool. Because this year is the first year of preschool and we have always planned for her to go to preschool we will be keeping her in a couple days a week. I want her to still have her friends, and to learn things I know I can’t teach her at home just the two of us. It will be good for both of us. While there are a lot of changes we are trying to keep it simple and the same for Belle.

There are more changes in the future, but nothing is set in stone. I am excited for our new future and will definitely be sharing the ride with you.

Also, in less than a month we will be on vacation. We will be soaking up the sun and the magic in Disney. I can’t wait.

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