Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Sensory Tub

This week’s sensory tub was a no brainer. With the 4th of July smack in the middle of the week it just made sense to celebrate America this week. This tub was fun to make, and super easy. Easy as in anything red white and blue was thrown in. And it is not hard to find 4th of July related items.

What’s inside:

Red rice
White rice
Blue rice
Red pom poms
White pom poms
Blue spikey pom poms
Sliver spikey pom poms
Red, white, and blue glitter stars
Red porcupine balls
Red bouncy balls
4th of July Beads
Red, white, and blue glitter star stickers
Star cookie cutter
4th of July streamer decorations
2 Red, white, and blue buckets
Flag spikey ball
Red and blue ice cube tray

This tub was fun to make. I had so many items that I have been picking up since the 4th of July stuff started coming out, and stuff that I already had. I ended up with so much stuff that some of it never made it in.

Belle liked this one. There was plenty for her to explore and she loved hiding the balls in the rice and then searching for them. We sorted different balls into the buckets and we poured rice into the star ice cube trays.

What the tub looked like after the first time playing in it.

It looks like rain on the 4th around here so this will be nice to play in to get some 4th of July fun in doors.

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