Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ocean Friends

Last week I posted about the Jellyfish that are up in the playroom now. Along with the raindrops our rainbow came down. Since I liked having something up there I decided to make a sand castle for the summer. I think it needs a flag or something. It is definitely missing something.

But Belle likes it and it will come in handy for some crafts I have lined up for July when we have our little beach party.

Even though our weekend was crazy busy we were able to get some craft time in. Belle loves painting and is getting so serious over it. Making sure she has every last bit if it’s something that needs to be fully painted. She gets so excited when I ask her if she wants to paint and many days she asks me if she can paint or make something.

On Sunday we sat down to finish our lobster that we started and ended up making a lot more than I planned. We started with our jellyfish. He was pretty easy. I took a paper plate and cut it in half, then I scalloped the flat edge.

Belle then went to town painting it with her water colors. She decided on green because it’s her favorite right now, and because she told me she was making a dinosaur.

Once the plate dried we attached strips of crepe paper to the plate for our jellyfishes tentacles.

We also made a little octopus. We painted a couple of toilet paper rolls, Belle’s orange, mine pink.

Once they were dry Belle and I cut 8 slits from the bottom about half way up. We then curled the strips to make to octopuses tentacles. We added some eyes and a mouth.

Last night we made a seahorse. It may not look like a seahorse, but that was the best my drawing abilities could come up with. I drew a seahorse shape on to white construction paper and then Belle used her glue stick to spread glue on the shape. Once we had enough glue Belle then picked our ripped pieces of tissue paper to cover her horse. When she was happy with the outcome she placed on eye on his head and then I cut it out.

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