Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lobster Pal!

This little lobster came out cuter than I had expected and Belle loves him! This was super easy and took no time at all to do.

We started by painting a brown paper lunch bag with red paint. Tip, if you really want your lobster to be a puppet make sure you paint the right side of the bag. We painted the wrong side so it doesn’t really work as a puppet and I didn’t realize this until we were completely done with him. Opps.

Once Belle was done painting her bag, which wasn’t long since she decided it was more fun to paint the table this day we set it aside to let dry. While it was drying I cut out claws, legs, and eyes out of red construction paper.

When the bag was dry Belle glued on his claws, legs and his eyes. We added googly eyes to our construction paper eyes.

Belle loves him and he is pretty cute!
This is when I realized we painted the wrong side so I drew a mouth on him.

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