Monday, June 25, 2012

Family Picnic

This past weekend was my company picnic at a local amusement park called Darien Lake. The Hubs and I grew up going to this park so we were both excited to take Belle for the first time. For the last month we have been measuring her and hoping she would make 36 inches. Saturday morning I put her in her penguin flip flops (they have the thickest sole) and we measured her. She was right at 36” at home. Not so much there. Less than an inch short. She could still do some rides, but all rides we had to squeeze on with her. And some of the kiddie rides she couldn’t do at all because they was a height max.

Belle loved it though. She had an absolute blast. It was much hotter this year than it was last year and I got some pretty bad tan lines (cause I apparently didn’t not get my whole back when I put sunscreen on).

My mom came with us again this year so we all took turns riding with Belle and then took turns on some rides. We stayed until the bitter end to watch the laser show and fireworks. Belle made it all day long and promptly passed out in the car on the way home. She got maybe a 20 minute nap in her stroller.

Before the laser show they had a dance party for the kids. Belle had a blast dancing around in the grass. And enjoyed the fireworks and the laser show without covering her ears or getting scared. A huge improvement from last year. I think we will be able to watch for fireworks in Disney this year!

We probably won’t go back to Darien Lake this summer, as much as I would like to. Just no time. But we will definitely come back next summer with her when she will be able to do a lot more rides and some by herself.

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