Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Jellyfish Everywhere!

Since spring is basically over with and we have been having temps in the high 80’s/90’s for weeks now it as time to change over the playroom. I wanted to take down the raindrops but was having a really hard time figuring out what I wanted to replace them with that could last most of the summer.

I finally decided since we were doing a couple weeks of ocean life and a couple weeks about the beach in July, Jellyfish seemed to be a good idea.

Belle got to work painting paper bowls some bright colors. Once the paint was dry she picked out what size eyes for each one and put them on.
Our jellyfish bodies.

I took some bright ribbon and curled half of it and left the other half not curled them taped some stands to the inside of the bowl. I used the same ribbon to hang them from the ceiling.

I hung them all up while Belle was napping. When she got up I told her to go check out her playroom. She walked in took a look around and went “wow”. She loved how her jellyfish came out!

How cute are these? And best yet, we won’t get stung by them!

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