Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pond Life Sensory Tub

This week Belle has been learning all about Pond Life in school. At home we haven’t been so good with our little projects. More like we haven’t done anything yet. It took us all a few days to recoup after the marathon weekend. Then Belle didn’t want to paint, and now it is really nice out. Maybe tonight we will do a craft outside at her table.

I did manage to put together our Pond Sensory Tub on Sunday. I was really excited for this one and Belle LOVES it. She asks every day when I pick her up from The Bug if she can play in it.

What’s inside:

Water Beads for the base – clear and blue
Green beads recycled from the bug tub
Fish and Turtle beads
Green foam pieces for Lily pads
2 Rubber Duckies
2 Fish and a turtle eraser
Plastic Frogs and Turtles
2 Blue Silicone Cups
Her usual spoons

I think it was Saturday morning during Belle’s bath that I realized I never ordered the plastic frogs and turtles I found on amazon for this tub. So The Hubs quickly ordered them but we didn’t get them until yesterday. So half the pictures are with them and half without them.

I wanted to get green, blue, and clear water beads for the tub but Hobby Lobby didn’t have any green when I picked them up. Belle loves the water beads and loves burying her hands in them. We will definitely be using water beads again in the tub at some point.

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