Monday, May 7, 2012

Castles and Sand

This past weekend was another packed one. I had to work a full day on Saturday so we didn’t plan much of anything for this weekend. I was supposed to work on Sunday but as the week went on we were not needed to come in on Sunday. I honestly cannot wait for this conversion to be over. On Saturday we all sat at work with nothing to do all day.

Any ways, we ran into our neighbor across the street on Thursday and she invited us over Saturday night. Our bosses let us out early Saturday so I when I got home The Hubs and I were able to put together the sand and water table that Belle got for Christmas. We were also able to run to Toys R Us to get a bag of sand before we had to be at our neighbors house. Belle had fun playing Saturday night with her friend and it was nice to get out and talk with some friends.

Sunday started off low key. We hung around in the house all morning until Belle’s nap time. When she went down The Hubs and I went outside to start working on the backyard. We put the sand and water into her table and set up the umbrella so it was all set when she got up from her nap. Then we worked on putting together her gym, which is a castle. Somehow, I did not know it was a castle when we bought it. We were able to put it together while she was napping. We only had two more screws to do when she woke up.

We still have to move it to where it is actually going to sit in the yard yet. We have a patch of purple flower weeds in our yard that attracts all the bees. We went out last night to get some weed killer. Hopefully that does the trick and we won’t have to worry so much about the bees. I am hoping The Hubs is still planning on calling and having our yard sprayed. It needs it badly and it will help with all the bugs.

The umbrella was apparently crooked yesterday. Opps.

Belle loves her new backyard. So many fun things to do now. I thought I got some pictures of everything but I guess not. She has a picnic table, a separate slide from her castle, a ball pit, her bike, and her cozy coupe.

Now all we need is the table and chair set I want and our backyard will be perfect for this summer. And a new pool for Belle since she out grew the baby pool.

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