Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mixing Colors

Our Pond Life theme was only a week but since we were so busy and didn't get to do to much about ponds we extended it a few days into this week. Also Belle loves the Pond Sensory Tub so I didn't want to change it just yet on her.

I thought this would be a cute idea but ended up going in a totally different direction then planned. I took yellow and blue finger paints and put some of each color in to a gallon size ziploc bag. When all the air was out and it was sealed tight I laid it in front of Belle. She identified the colors that were in the bag, pressed into each color and when we were ready we mixed the colors together.

Once the colors were mixed we talked about what color we saw now (green) and then talked about what colors were in the bag to begin with. She was able to run to daddy and tell him she used blue and yellow and made green all on her own.

Originally when it was finished we were going to glue on frog eyes and a mouth but after the paint was squished together and we had green, our project went into a different direction. I showed Belle how to write in the paint with her finger. She loved it. The bag still sits on her table and she plays with it every day. She draws shapes, makes houses (or what she calls houses) and just doodles in it.

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