Friday, May 18, 2012

Peas in a Pod

I had a hard time trying to come up with some fun garden crafts. I didn’t want to make the same flowers over and over again and I also wanted to concentrate on growing vegetables and fruits in the garden. So for our first craft we made pea pods. Super easy, and super cute.

To start Belle painted to back of a paper plate green. I helped a little when she decided she was done painting and it was only a quarter painted. She eventually started painting again after I did the rim.

While we were waiting for our plate to dry we worked on making our cute little peas. I wanted to use all large pom poms since we painted a large plate (in hindsight we should have done a smaller plate) but I only had two large ones left. We used the two large pom poms and a medium sized pom pom. Belle then stuck on some googly eyes to each pom pom.

When the plate was dry I folded it in half and stapled the corners so the plate would stay closed. I left the top opening unstapled so we could fit in our peas. I placed some glue along the edge of one side and Belle placed in each pea to create our peas in a pod.

How cute are these peas?

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