Monday, May 21, 2012

Handmade Fruits

To end our fun with gardens Belle and I made some cute strawberries and watermelons. Both super easy and really make our art work springy and summery.

We made the strawberries first out of Belle’s handprints. I painted both of her hands red leaving the top of her palm for the green. Belle made her handprints on white construction paper to show up nice. Once dry we took some yellow paint and dipped Belle’s finger in it to make our seeds.

Once our strawberries were dry I cut out her little handprints and glued them onto white construction paper with the title “Belle’s hand-picked Strawberries. I hung it up on the window since I took some of our old artwork down but I think I might move it to the door with our watermelons.

On Saturday Belle and I made some adorable watermelons that look great on the playroom door. While Belle was napping I took a paper plate and cut it into 4 triangles and then ripped up some scrap green, pink, and black construction paper.

After her nap we sat down at her table and glued on our ripped pieces of construction paper to our paper plate triangles. Can you tell Belle’s from mine?

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