Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Monster Sensory Tub

For the next two weeks we are going to have some Monster fun! Belle is in the afraid of everything stage and a couple weeks ago declared that she was afraid of monsters. So I thought we could have some sun with some very cute and loveable monsters to show they really aren’t so scary.

I of course made a Sensory Tub for Belle to play in. What better way to get over your fear than to dig your hands right into it. It wasn’t easy coming up with some cute and fun monster sensory tubs. I googled and all I found was water beads with googly eyes. While we did like the water beads I didn’t want to do it again so soon. So instead I had to really reach into my imagination that I don’t think I have really used since I was a kid to come up with this one.

What’s inside:

Pom poms for the base
Pipe Cleaners
Spikey pom poms
Porcupine Balls
Bouncy Balls
Pink Beads
Yarn pom pom monsters
Plastic monsters (not pictured)

I used our whole supply and bought a couple more bags of pom poms for our base. Large ones, medium sized ones, small ones, and tiny ones. All different colors. Bright colors, pastel colors, white, black. Plus some spikey glitter pom poms. I took some fun colored pipe cleaners and wrapped them around a pencil so they are curly. I thought it gave the tub a little something more rather than throwing in full pipe cleaners.

Belle and I made some yarn pom pom monsters that I will post about tomorrow that we put into our tub as well. I also bought from amazon some plastic monster toys that have not come in yet so they aren’t in the pictures. I should get better about ordering them more than a day before I need them.

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