Thursday, May 17, 2012

Belle's Mini Garden

While putting together the Sensory Tubs for Belle and had some left over flower pots and decided we should try and plant one of the seeds we had. We picked the peas. We took a flower pot and put some of the potting soil from our outdoor tub and then placed one of the pea seeds inside and covered it with more potting soil.

I had also picked up a small pot that came with a soil pod and daisy seeds from the dollar bin at Target to try out. So we put that one together after our pea plant. We gave them some water and they sit in our window in the living room getting tons of sun light. I check them daily to see if they need water. Nothing has happened yet but we are waiting patiently to see if we will grow anything.

Don’t worry once our little plants start growing a bit I will transfer them over to bigger pots. I guess when I planted them I had little hope for them to actually grow.

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