Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Garden Sensory Tub

Belle was lucky and got two Sensory Tubs this time. We had the one that is strictly for outdoors. And will most likely remain for the rest of the summer. Since we had one for outside I came up with a cute one for inside.

What’s inside:

Black Beans for the base
Brown beads
Silk Gerbera daisies
2 Flower pots
Corn seeds
Pea seeds
Plastic and felt fruits and vegetables
Carrot shaped Easter Eggs
Butterfly Eraser
Plus the spoons for digging

The weather has been nice and we have been busy so Belle and I haven’t played too much in this one. But she likes it enough. I bought 4 16oz bags of black beans and could have used two more. It’s very sparing on the bottom. I like to have enough to fill the bottom and to be able to dig into it.

I had found in the dollar bins at Target a paint your own garden stone. It was small and the shape of a flower so I picked it up. It came with 3 paint colors pink, yellow, and blue. I figured Belle could paint it and then we could put it in her garden. It probably would have been cute, if she didn’t decide to mix all three colors together ha. Oh well, once it was dry I added it into the tub.

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