Friday, April 20, 2012

Cherry Blossoms

In honor of today being Earth Day we have concentrated on using recycled materials for our crafts. Earlier in the week we made umbrella's out of a paper plate and scrap paper. Belle painted the paper plate and paper with water colors. Why she insists on using black over her paintings I will never understand.

Once the plate and paper were dry I glued on our umbrealla handle and we hung it up in our window.

On Tuesday we used and empty pop bottle to make some cherry blossoms. Before hand I cut a piece of easel paper and glued on scrap pieces of brown construction paper to be our tree trunk and branches. Belle and I then mixed up some light pink paint and got working on our masterpeice.

We dipped the bottom of the pop bottle into the pink paint and them stamped it onto our easel paper around the banches to make flowers.

I LOVE how this came out. So so cute! Once it was dry I hung it up on the way.

Of course once we were done Belle painted on a different piece of paper with the leftover paint. She was sure not to waste any of it.

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