Thursday, March 1, 2012

Truffula Trees

I was trying to find cute Dr. Seuss crafts and really wanted one for The Lorax since the movie is opening this weekend. It was tough finding one that Belle would be able to do when I happened across this one on Pinterest.

I thought Belle would be able to handle this one, and she was able to. But I think me being really unprepared for some reason and Belle being antsy it ended up with me helping with most of it. I wasn’t able to get pictures of the process, but it is very simple to do.

What you need for this project: yellow pipe cleaners (doubled or thick ones),
4 large pom-poms, play dough, and glue

We will definetly be trying this one again next year. I think she will “get it” more next year too. I pulled out the book The Lorax and started to read it with her but she wasn’t very interested in reading at that point. So we jumped into the craft.

 I precut the yellow pipe cleaners into 4 different sizes. If you have the thick ones use those. I couldn’t find thick yellow ones at Hobby Lobby so I grabbed a package of the regular yellow ones. These will still work but double them up. I cut one the same length and then twisted them together.

To make our trees I had Belle dip the tip of the pipe cleaner into a dish of glue. At this point I had to help and kind of roll it around in the glue to make sure there was enough glue on the pipe cleaner. After we had enough glue we placed a pom-pom on top. We choose to stay traditional with the book and used pink, orange, purple, and yellow. I also helped with this part to really press down on the pom-pom and add a little more glue to make sure they would stick.

Once our tree was made we placed it into our play dough hill. We have so much play dough its crazy so I had no problem stealing one from the tub of play dough. I formed it into a hill and we carefully slid our tee into the play dough. This is where having the pipe cleaners doubled up came in handy. And also where we learned they should be doubled up.

We continued on making four trees. Belle lost interest half way through and started playing at her kitchen. I think it was mostly because I told her to stop trying to stick everything in the glue. She didn’t have the paitience to make sure everything stuck together. When I told her I was going to finish it she ran over and finished it with me.

I love how this came out. So cute and the colors really pop. Our truffula trees are sitting on our cubical shelves.

Which book do you think we are doing tonight?

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