Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Girl is Growing Up

Well it’s that time of year again. Belle started swimming last night. We had to buy her a new bathing suit as last years was a little snug so on Tuesday I tried it on her. She screamed the whole time. Wonderful. Then kept telling The Hubs and I that she didn’t want to go swimming. Ugh!

When we took her to sign her up she was so excited and couldn’t wait to go swimming. She jumped around her classroom at pick up time yelling she was going swimming. Monday and Tuesday she kept telling us no. She didn’t want to go swimming.

At least on Wednesday morning she was more excited for it and excitedly told her teacher she was going swimming. She will have 2 more sessions after this with us being in the pool with her. Then she will move on to preschool aquatics at age 4. This session we decided to get her the bubble. I think she was ready for it last session so we got it this time. Belle did really well last session so the bubble will help to teach her how to do things on her own and we can more easily teacher her to swim if we don’t have to hold her up and show her how to move her arms and feet. I only have two arms!

All in all Belle did great in class. She loved it the minute we got in the freezing cold pool to the point where she tried to fight me because it was time to get out. She remembered everything from last session which is great. We have noticed the spring session is crazy. The class is bigger and there are a ton of little babies in the class. I mean little, definitely had to be under the age limit. We waited until Belle was over a year since this is more of a class to start teaching the kids how to swim not really meant to get them use to the water, and the age limit is 9 months. Oh, and the pool is FREEZING. Belle was shivering the entire time and her lips were purple when we got out of the pool. We noticed that the fall session was half the size and after a few weeks when about a quarter of the original class stops coming it was perfect. Belle learned how to actually use her arms and legs to swim. We didn’t learn any of that in the first spring session we took.

We are hoping this class will eventually get smaller as the weeks go one and Belle will get to learn some more. She did awesome with her back float this time. She would never do it the last two sessions and would cry and try to flip over. She didn’t fight me once and was laughing and talking to me the whole time. I think the bubble is giving her more confidence in the water too.

In other news we got our contract for preschool in the fall this week. I can’t believe I am signing my baby up for preschool already! Where has the time gone? We have until April 1st to register her to be guaranteed a spot in the preschool program at the center she is already at. Since she is already enrolled in the center we don’t have to put down a deposit or anything and we get first dibs on the program. Another reason why we picked this center. September 4th 2012, my baby starts preschool. It makes me want to cry.

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