Friday, March 2, 2012

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!

Last night we finished up our Green Eggs and Ham craft. On Monday Belle and I made our green eggs. I decided instead of doing construction paper eggs that we would use the same process we used for our melting snowman. I pulled out some wax paper and I made one egg shape with glue and stuck a green pom-pom in the middle. For the second egg I helped Belle squeeze the glue until we had another good egg shape and then she put on the green pom-pom for her egg.

Our cute eggs...

Later that night I was looking at them and  remember how I wished our snowman was a little thicker so I added more glue. Not sure if this is the cause of what happened next or if it would have happened anyways. I didn’t take a look at them again until Tuesday night. The glue spread out and made weird shapes. Our nice looking eggs were gone. I put them aside for them to continue drying since at this point there was nothing I could do to fix it.

...our funny eggs

I pulled the eggs off of the wax paper on Wednesday night and flipped them over. The glue right under the pom-pom was still wet. By the time we were ready to do our craft on Thursday night our eggs were completely dry.

Supplies: Paper plate, markers, eggs, green construction paper ham, glue

Belle couldn't wait to get into those markers!

I decided since this would be a really quick craft that I would have Belle decorate the plate. I pulled out our new pastel colored makers and let her have fun coloring the plate. Using markers is always a treat for Belle since I prefer not to use them. She always gets them all over and even after washing her hands the “washable” maker does not come off.

After she used each color and was happy with her plate we began to glue down our ham and eggs. For the ham I just cut out a funny shape from green construction paper and called it a piece of ham. She told me where she wanted to put each piece. I put the glue on the plate and she glued everything down.

Side note: The eggs won’t stick to the glue. They pop right off. Since it this craft probably won’t see past this weekend (cause there is just no place to put it) I didn’t really care.

Belle’s Green Eggs and Ham plate.

After she was done she wanted to play with her stampers (not to self: Find more of these. Pronto!) So while she was doing that I took down our Chinese lanterns finally and hung up the shamrocks Belle and I both painted. I just made some copies of a shamrock, we painted them green and while the paint was wet sprinkled some silver glitter on them. Once they were dry I glued them to yellow and green construction paper, cut them out and taped green yarn to them to hang.

 Yes the pom-poms are still sitting on the what?

Tonight we will finish off Dr. Seuss week with Belle’s favorite Dr. Seuss book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Then on to the Zoo for the next two weeks. Hoping we have some nice weather in the next few weeks so we can visit our local zoo.

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