Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Foot Print Cat's

Last night Belle and I finished our cat in the hat. I found this idea last minute on Monday and thought it was super cute. I wasn’t sure if we would have time to do it but I filed it just in case. Turns out it took us basically no time at all to make our hat so it was luck that I had found this one.

I took some black paint and mixed it with a little bit of white. The instructions said to use black paint but I thought it would be too dark and I the Cat in the Hat is more gray than black. I then painted Belle’s toes to the arch of her foot or middle which ever with the gray paint. Then I took some red and painted red stripes from the middle to her heel.

We took white paper and made one foot print and set it aside to dry. I could already see our cat in the hat in the making just from her little foot print.

Once dry Belle glued on eyes and a pink nose from scrap paper. I then drew on a mouth and whiskers with black marker. Since her foot print was near the edge of the paper I cut out our cat and glued him onto red paper. Once he was done we hung him up under our window.

This one came out really cute and a little different from the typical glue stripes on a hat that we did on Monday.

Up next our Truffula trees from The Lorax. I loved these they came out so cute but needed me to be more hands on with Belle. You are going to love these!

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