Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine's Sensory Tub

Last week I put together Belle’s new Sensory Tub. I found some cute Valentine stuff at Target and Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t wait to put this one together.

In the Target dollar bins I found cute little plastic hearts in pink, purple, and red. Also red X’s and O’s. The boxes these came in were called table scatter. The bins had little plastic hearts that were kind of like ornaments, I grabbed a package of those too. I also found in the bins heart shaped scoops, these are perfect for scooping and sorting all of our fun stuff. Back by the Valentine’s I found a bag of red, pink, and purple rubber balls. The balls are Belle’s favorite to play with.

At Hobby Lobby I found porcupine balls and some pink sparkle pom poms. At this point I felt like I had a ton of stuff so I stopped picking stuff up. I had 4 boxes of the table scatter and honestly could have done with one or two more boxes. When I was pulling all the stuff out I also found a leftover box of red rose petals from our wedding so I threw those in too.

I left in the play spoons and the play soup ladle for Belle to use to scoop stuff up. So far I think this one is Belle’s favorite. She spends a good half hour to 45 minutes playing in this. We usually sort the balls by color or pull out matching items like all the rubber balls, all the pom poms, all the porcupine balls. Or she likes to pull everything out and put it in daddy’s lap.

Belle loves this one but sadly we only have a short time left before we switch it out. Next week we start on two weeks of Dinosaur fun! On Tuesday (Valentine’s Day) I will switch out the Sensory Tub.

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