Monday, February 6, 2012

Potty Dancing!

Way back in September (I think) I posted how Belle decided she wanted to try this whole potty training thing. It went well for a little bit. She had only a small interest in it and we didn’t push it since a few weeks later we were driving down to Florida. When we came back she had lost all interest in it. Nothing at home and maybe here and there at The Bug.

She has been picking it back up again this past month and is doing fabulous at The Bug. Staying dry all day and going on the potty. At home not so much. She is wet by the time we get from school to the house. It’s about a 15 minute drive and she gets changed/sits on the potty right before we get there. She has been fighting us at home, not wanting to sit and won’t tell us when she has to go.

It’s starting to get better. When she doesn’t have to go or is in her I am fighting it I know as soon as I sit her on. Her feet come up onto the toilet seat. When she has to go I can see on her face that she is concentrating on going. She watches me too to make sure I am paying attention.

Last week I caught her in her poop stance and rushed her to the bathroom. She screamed no and cried but I put her on anyway. She went and gave me a horrified look until I started cheering and did the potty dance for her. Belle immediately smiled and was so proud. We had to call daddy (who had a dentist appointment) and grandma to tell them.

I think what is helping potty training is after she goes her and I will do a potty dance. Basically I look like a lunatic dancing and jumping around. I now save it for when we are back in her bedroom and we both do the potty dance. She loves it. Immediately after going she tells me to dance. We also have a potty chart. Every time she goes she gets to put a sticker on her chart. Once she gets to 5 stickers she get a small prize. Right now I have a pack of play dough and I let her pick out a new color. This past time I told her she can pick something I have or she can get a new puzzle. She decided on  a new puzzle.

As soon as she goes she knows that she gets to add a sticker to her chart and it’s the first thing she runs for. For Christmas Belle received a few packs of under ware and every once in a while she asks to wear them. We now tell her she can wear them when she is dry all day.

We are getting there, slowly. About a week ago I was stressing about it and wanted to give up. We kind of just let up on it for a week and it is now getting better. She is figuring it out with help from us and that is what seems to be working for us. Crossing fingers that this works and we are out of diapers by the end of summer. That is my goal. Since it is still 7 months off I think we have a good shot, ha!

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