Friday, January 27, 2012

Penguin Friend

We made an adorable little penguin the other night. It was pretty simple and I let Belle fully decide where everything should go.

Before hand I cut out a rectangle and an inch wide strip from black construction paper. I cut another inch wide strip from orange construction paper, and a white square. I rounded the edges on each share and cut the two strips in half.

I had Belle glue the penguins feet and arms on first. Then I had her glue on the belly.

Once our penguin was assembled she picked where she wanted to put the penguins beak and eyes.

Since the penguin's belly looked a little plain we took some ripped up tissue paper and glued it on his belly. Belle loved this part and selected each piece carefully. When she was done she wanted him hung up in the window. I would have had to tape him and didn't want to risk ripping him, so he is on our art wall.

I think he has character!

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