Thursday, January 26, 2012

Our Favorite Room

Since yesterday I did a tour of Belle's bedroom, I thought today I would do a tour of the playroom. Considering most of my posts and pictures are of us in Belle's playroom. Nothing has been moved around since we first put it together but it is filled now. Her playroom we basically did on a budget. It was the only way to talk The Hubs into getting it done before Christmas. We spent a weekend cleaning out the room (we are going to have one large garage sale this spring) and used paint we bought for our bedroom that we never used. I spent hours on Pinterest planning the perfect playroom. We bought a white cubical and spent one of our days off painting and putting the room together. Even with all of her toys in the room, it still felt empty and echoed. But since Christmas the room is filled and is our family’s favorite room in the house.

Looking in from the door.

The art work Belle and I made for her wall.

On the floor we have a foam puzzle piece mat that we got from Toys R Us when Belle started to learn how to crawl. We love it and it's easy to clean. Looking in from the door the room looks small, and well it is. It's the smallest bedroom in our house. Lined up next to the door is Belle's push toys, a tea cart, stroller, and a shopping cart in the corner. We have a small area of all her blocks and then we move on to her kitchen. This was in Belle's room before the playroom. We have so many plates and food it is crazy. The food always seems to fall out when you open the fridge door. After Christmas I picked up some bins from Target to help keep things organized. I put one next to her kitchen for all of her plates and bowls. The pots and pans are hidden in the stove and dishwasher. I gave Belle one of our many washcloths for when she does her dishes.

Don't mind the pom poms, they were hanging up but they all fell.
Haven't figured out how to keep them up yet.

This corner is just recently redone. We never had anything in here and at Christmas time her Christmas tree was here. Now we have her doll house and two bins. One bin has dollhouse pieces and one with dress up items. Next to the dollhouse is a chair and her boppy filled with dolls. The cubical is next to the chair and I have it very organized. Honestly being organized makes clean up a breeze. Belle knows where to find everything and knows where everything goes when it's time to clean up. We have two sections of books. The bin on the left is all Mr. Potato Head pieces. The middle is puzzles, and the bin on the right is all the small random toys and doll accessories. The bottom right corner is her leaptop, a lead frog book and a memory game. The top row is mainly stuffed animals. On the very top are some bean bags, the Minnie Mouse head from her birthday party and some more stuffed animals. The file folders and notebooks are mine and keep track of what the theme is at school and the different crafts we're doing during the week.

Next is our art corner. I love her easel. I am so glad we went with this even though it's huge and she's a little small for it yet. The totes underneath are the best and so helpful with a tiny room. I keep some art supplies in the bins along with her letter magnets, coloring books and her art smock. I also store her animal clips that we use for her art work in one of the bottom bins. I have two totes I never put away. One is construction paper and the other we bought her for Christmas. It was a Crayola art supply tote. It is now filled with tons of art supplies that we have picked up and stuff we had. I am in these totes almost every day. The big tote in front is her Sensory Tub. On the wall is a long strip of jewelry line that we use to hold her finished art work. I still need to make it more pretty and add a saying or something above it.

My favorite part is her table and chair set. We spend a lot of time at it having tea parties, painting, doing puzzles, and coloring. When she is not at it, her Princesses are.

We spend our evenings in the playroom now and it was the best idea we have had. I am so happy to have my living room back and not be tripping over toys all the time. All of her toys have a place and it has helped with Belle putting toys away without us asking.

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