Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tour of the Almost Toddler Room

While I was writing a post about the playroom I realized I have not posted any updated pictures on Belle's bedroom in a while. It hasn't changed drastically from her nursery, colors are still the same, furniture is still the same but we have finally added decoration and most of the baby stuff has been put away. When we found out we were having a girl I knew her room was going to be pink. It was at that point that we had to decide what theme we wanted. We ended up deciding on butterflies, only after exhausting every other theme, because we felt that butterflies could easily grow with her.

Looking into Belle's room from the door.

There are not many toys in her room since making the playroom, and the toy's that are in her room she barley plays with. Now that we have the playroom we don't spend a lot of time playing in her bedroom.

Belle is still in her crib since she hasn't tried to climb out and sleeps fine in it, so why rock the boat? The animals in Belle's crib have basically taken over. Every time she gets a new animal it is added to the crib. I have tried my best to cycle some out but she notices right away and finds a way to get them back in. I am currently on the hunt for some toddler bedding. Her crib is a lifetime convertible crib that changes to a toddler bed and to a full size bed. When we decide to remove the rail I want to give her some new big girl sheets and blankets and a pillow.

We still have a changer that also serves as a dresser. A tote next to the changer filled with diapers that don't fit in the top drawer. On top of the tote is a bin that is used for socks, under ware, and tights. The top drawer of the changer is a crazy mess of diapers, lotions, baby wash, hair clips and bows, thermometers, and burp cloths. I try to keep it organized but, in the rush of the day it tends to become messy. The second drawer is all of Belle's towels, wash clothes, t-shirts, pajamas, bathing suits and bibs that I have to pack away still. The bottom drawer is all of her sheets and blankets.

Coat hooks I painted.

I love these cubicles, so much we have one in the playroom. The top bin has all of her pants and skirts. I don't think this kid needs anymore pants or jeans. She has more than me. Ok, she has more clothes than me in general. We use one shelf for her shoes, one for books most have moved to the playroom at this point. And a ton of random stuff. On the very top of the cubical is Belle's hospital picture, her piggy bank from Mexico in Disney World, her first haircut Mickey ears from Disney, and a ribbon topiary I made for her second birthday party. Next to the cubical are my American Girl dolls and some toys Belle hasn't touched in months. I would show her awesome closet but I'm not going to lie, it's a disaster. My wedding gown is still in there (no other place for it) and we are using her large closet for storage of some baby items.

On her walls my mom and I found some butterflies at The Christmas Tree Shoppe. The same thing they sell at Babies R Us for $20 a piece we got for about $10 total. The owl rug I got at Target on clearance last spring. Belle loves it, I am so glad I grabbed it. The rug is my most favorite part of the room. This is where most of the cuddles happen. This is where Belle and I pretend to play sleeping. This is where I spend nights rocking a sick toddler. I always wanted a glider and regret still to this day not splurging on one (out of work while pregnant did not help finances!). Next to the rug is a matching bin to the sock and under ware bin that we use to catch toys that end up in here from the playroom.

It isn't much but it's one of Belle's places that she adores. Up next is a tour of the finished playroom.

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