Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our Snowy Friends

Our Snow and Ice activities ended last week. While we aren’t leaving the artic just yet we will be moving on to learn about the different animals that live in the cold and snow. We’re starting off by making a fun snow owl puppet. Super easy and a lot of fun to play with afterwards.

We started with a brown paper bag that Belle painted white. I gave her a sponge paint brush to use to give it a move feathery look and to let her paint with a different texture.

Once our bag was dry we started to put our little owl friend together. We glued on some googly eyes and an orange triangle for his beak. For his wings I traced Belle’s hands and cut them out. Belle glued them to the sides of the bag.

Isn’t he cute?

We are keeping our Sensory Tub the same with the snow and winter animals. We’ll be having lots of fun the next 2 weeks learning about all our snow animal friends. I picked up a couple books from the library since Belle is obsessed with books. Learning about Polar Bears and Penguins is going to make our crafts much more fun.

We also spent the weekend getting ready for Chinese New Year. At The Bug they had a big parade with a dragon "float". So at home we made lanterns and hung them in the playroom. These were easier then I thought they would be. I gave Belle some construction paper and stamps and let her go to town. The fourth one we painted with water colors.

When Belle was done with her stamping I folded the paper in half and drew lines from the fold to about 2 inches from the top and an inch apart. I then helped Belle cut along the lines. For the first time (at home at least) she was able to move the sissors open and closed. I helped when her fingers got tired and held the paper for her.

Once our lines were cut we unfolded the paper and put glue on one for top corners and the bottom corner. I rounded the paper to form a cylinder. Once it was dry I added string and The Hubs hung them in her playroom.

When Belle saw them hanging in her room she said "Oh, pretty daddy." So cute!

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