Monday, February 13, 2012

Catching Up

We haven’t been doing too much in our house the last few weeks. Belle was sick with a nasty cold that had her spiking a fever for two days. Then I came down with it days later and last week The Hubs and I were battling sore throats.

Because of the nasty germs going around our house Belle and I never got make all the cute snow animal crafts I had found nor have we barely done anything for Valentine’s Day. Last night I sat down with Belle and we made three different things. A cute heart guy, a Valentine for daddy and we painted some hearts that we are going to hang from the ceiling in her playroom tonight.

We have an open house this week at The Bug for summer camp and early enrollment for preschool. Yup, preschool. And we actually have to pay attention to these notices this year. Belle will be starting preschool this fall. I talked with the director since I wasn’t sure if we had to enroll her or if she would move up when she turns three. We do indeed need to register from preschool and she will start preschool in September on the first day of school. Since her birthday is so early in October they are just going to have her start right away.

My baby is starting preschool in September. When did this happen? When did my baby grow up? I cannot believe we are talking about preschool already.

Hopefully Belle and I can get back on track with all of our fun activities at home. This week starts two weeks of Dinosaurs. We won’t start dinosaurs at home until Wednesday. I want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her at home. I have some fun activities planned and even a field trip to our science museum to see the dinosaurs there. Plus a dino sensory bin and I am in the middle of making Belle a dino tail. She picked out the colors pink and green and well since I don’t have a sewing machine nor do I even know how to use one I am sewing this all by hand. So it’s taking forever. But hopefully will be finished up by the end of the week.

I think we may even have a Dinosaur Stomp Party to end our dinosaur unit.

The Hubs took me out to dinner on Saturday for Valentine’s day. My mom graciously took Belle overnight and we ended up having a great time out with friends. We decided on a local place called Grover’s that is known for their burgers. In fact Guy Fieri featured it on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives. We ended up sitting at the table right under his signature. The food is amazing and the burgers are huge. I can’t even eat half of one. And if you want a table show up early, especially on a Saturday night. Luckily we knew this and were able to miss the crowds. When we were walking on it was packed. At the end of the night The Hubs stopped at Target and picked up Breaking Dawn. We finished our night on the couch watching Breaking Dawn. Perfect end to a great night out.

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