Monday, January 16, 2012

It Finally Snowed

Well the snow finally came last week. I knew it was coming, it had to come. It was unnatural to not have snow yet. But I still hated every single flake that made its way to the ground and stuck. Sometimes you are just tired of snow and I really could have gone a whole winter without it. Honestly after last year I am still over all that snow! But I will take until mid January with no snow.

Anyways, Friday night when we got home The Hubs had to go out and shovel. Belle wanted to help daddy so I bundled her up and we went out armed with a little plastic shovel. She loved it and had so much fun exploring the snow. Since it was dark out we only stayed out for a short time.

On Sunday we had nothing planned so it was the perfect day to try out all the things we have been saving up to do in the snow. We have been making a lot of snowmen to go along with the snow and ice theme so I figure we would make a real one. But we never did.

Instead we painted the snow and I made heart shaped colored ice cubes to play with in the snow. Snow painting was easy. Just use a squirt bottle filled with water and food coloring. I probably should have used more food coloring because the colors weren't as bright as I would have liked them to be.

The ice cubes were just as easy. I found a silicon heart shaped ice cube tray in the dollar bins at Target. I actually bought this for a different project. I put one drop of food coloring in each slot and filled with water and stuck in the freezer. They were probably frozen all the way through within an hour.

The hearts popped right out of the tray but did leave my hands dyed all sorts of colors. They also stuck to Belle's gloves. So we played with them in the snow with her shovel. When we were done I just left them out in the snow. Most of them were pretty burried.

Belle did her first attempt at a snow angel. The legs were easier for her. When to told her to move her arms she would pick them up in the air and do it. So funny. She had a lot of fun in the snow on Sunday and did not want to go back in.

Maybe next weekend we will try a snowman and I really want to try the frozen bubbles experiement that I found on Pinterest.

This week at school is about author Jan Brett. Since I don't know anything about her and our local library does not have any of her books we are just going to stick with snow since it finally snowed here. I have some fun activites planned for this week.

The Hubs and I are off today, and are having a date day! WooHoo. We are going to lunch and seeing a movie. We're sending the kid to daycare so we can have an adult day and see Beauty and the Beast. We are so mature!

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