Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Belle's Sensory Tub

I realized I never posted about the rice table. Belle received a water table for Christmas from her grandma. I have been wanting one for her but we just never ended up getting her one last summer. We planned to put it in her playroom for the winter. I spent the week before Christmas dying the rice in anticipation for all the fun we were going to have.

The Hubs and I greatly underestimated the size this was going to be. Grandma bought a HUGE one. When I say huge I mean it's sand and water, comes with a plastic cover, and an umbrella. So the water table in the playroom was a no go.

A few days after Christmas, Belle and I were in Target when I found the perfect size tote for a Sensory Tub. On New Years Eve I poured the rice in, threw in a shovel and a bucket and we let her dig in. She loved it and wanted to play in it every day.

With the theme at school being snow and ice I removed the rice and put in some cotton balls. I found another shovel and one of her play spoons to add. I also dug through all of her toys and found a stuffed penguin to add, a moose, and a little people polar bear. We also added in some silver star confetti. Belle has been having so much fun scooping up the snowballs and putting them in the bucket. She also learned how to have a snowball fight.

While at Target over the past weekend I found a ton of fun items in the dollar bins for our Valentine's Day tub. I am so excited I can't wait to put it together!

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