Friday, January 13, 2012

Our Melting Snowman

I mentioned yesterday that this week is the last week of Belle’s snow and ice unit at school. Given that we live in New York we should have had a ton of fun activities to do in the snow. Well, we have yet to get any snow. We live in the city that is pretty much only known for snow, which we are not even close to the snowiest city in the country let alone the state. It’s all pretty odd. They keep calling for snow and we get some here and there but nothing to cover our grass yet and it’s gone with in a day.

I wanted to do some snow painting with Belle and blow frozen bubbles with her but there is no snow and it has not been cold enough for frozen bubbles. This weekend they are calling for snow again and it will be back down in the 20’s so maybe we can get out and do some activities. We haven’t even made a snow man yet.

Instead we have been making snowmen inside. Over the weekend we made this cute little guy. He is our melting snowman. Which is basically what it looks like around here. I mean really it was in the 50’s on Friday!

I don’t have pictures of the making process, Belle still needs some help with things. I took wax paper and laid it on her table. Before hand I had all the pieces cut out. Black construction paper eyes and mouth. Orange construction paper nose. Where I found the craft suggested using twigs for the arms, but I was too lazy to go find some in the backyard the night before so I quickly cut some out of brown construction paper.

When we were ready Belle and I squeezed a lot of glue onto the wax paper. We probably could have done a lot more too but the bottle was almost empty and it was taking forever. Belle then placed the eyes, nose, mouth and arms in the glue to resemble a snowman’s face. I precut yarn and tied it in a loop and stuck it in the glue at the top. It took about two days for him to dry. At the end of the first full day I peeled him off and flipped him over. By morning he was dry and ready to be hung up. Belle wanted him in our window.

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