Thursday, January 5, 2012

Belle in 2011

I wanted to do a year in review but as I was going through pictures I just couldn’t decide what I wanted to spot light. Our year started out slow and besides Belle’s birthday and Disney there wasn’t much going on.

So instead I picked out pictures from each month of my girl. She started this year still looking like a baby and ended it looking like a little girl. She started the year in the baby room and finished it off in the toddler room at school.

Belle started the year barely talking and now, even though I still can’t understand her, we can’t get her to stop. She can count (not very well), knows all her shapes and all of her colors. And without watching many Disney movies knows a lot of the characters. Yes, I am proud of this haha!

So here is a year in review of my girl.

January: "First" hair cut

February: Pigtails!

March: Making a mess as always!

April: First walk of the spring

May: Enjoying the warm weather.

June: Going to the Greek Festival.

July: Happy 4th of July!

August: The County Fair, piggies!

September: First day of the new school year at The Bug!

October - I have 2 I couldn't pick just 1, Birthday girl in Disney!

October: Belle on her first Disney trip. Waiting for breakfast with the Princesses.

November: Christmas shopping with Grandma and Mommy

December: Chirstas Eve.

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