Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crafts, Activites, and Fun

A fact about me that I have not put out here, I went to school for Childhood Education. Numerous reasons as to why I am not teaching and actually it turned out better for me not to be a teacher. I did student teaching plus worked in a daycare while in college and I miss it a lot but in all honesty I do not have the patience for it. At all.

I have a ton of left over teacher resources, craft supplies (ok those may not be left over and are actually my own), projects, and ideas. I hate the slump our family fell into. We walk in the door after work, turn on the TV and Belle sits on the couch with her milk and watches TV while we make dinner. Then we end up watching more TV after dinner while Belle either watches TV or pulls out toys to play with on the couch. It was ultimately a bad routine. We couldn’t even walk in the door and Belle was asking for milk already.

I decided to come up with crafts, projects, and just some fun stuff to do in the evenings. I am trying my best to stick along with The Bug’s themes and units for each week. Right now they are in the their last week of Snow and Ice. So at home we are continuing to talk about snow and ice. We have made lots of different snowmen so far. And have some fun projects coming up in the next few weeks. Belle is loving it. We do all of our activities in her playroom with her new table and chair set and her new easel. We have a little display where we hang all of her projects which she LOVES to show off to daddy.

Last night was great. We came home The Hubs went to the kitchen to start dinner and Belle and I headed to her playroom. We made a snowman head and since that didn’t take long I came up with another craft quickly. After dinner she showed daddy her snowmen and the three of us spent the rest of the night playing in her play room.

I don’t have things for every night. But enough to keep her busy and for us to talk about what she is learning in school. When we were cleaning out the playroom I found my old wall cards of the colors and shapes. Belle is obsessed with these and surprised us on how well she knows all of her shapes and colors. We have always talked about the shapes and colors with her but she would hesitate or get them wrong. Apparently my shape drawing isn’t the best.

The Hubs agreed for me to re-subscribe to my favorite teacher resource book. Plus I have found so many cute ideas on other blogs. I am having a lot of fun coming up with activities and crafts plus putting together book lists to go along with the theme. And watching Belle have fun doing all of this is the best part!

Over the holidays I dyed a whole bunch of rice for the water table Belle got from her grandma. The plan was to put the water table in the playroom for the winter. Well, we under estimated how large the water table is. We didn’t even open it that’s how big the box was. Shortly after Christmas I was at Target and found the perfect sized bin for our rice. Belle loved it! I have since removed the rice and we are now playing in “snow”, cotton balls with a bucket, shovels, silver star confetti, and some winter animals. So I had added a sensory bin to our collection of activities too. I also want to get a felt board too. But still just thinking about it.

The water table will have to be for the summer outside, but Belle is going to love it. It’s huge, like came with an umbrella huge. I have some fun ideas for the summer with that too!

I hope to share some of our activities here. Wait, I hope to blog more in general this year. Life just got in my way last year and with everything that happened, I didn’t have much to say. But it’s a new year and we have plenty going on.

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