Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Cookies!

This past Sunday I packed up my cookie cutters and baking supplies and Belle and I headed to my mom’s house. We spent the entire day baking and decorating cookies. It’s not truly a tradition that my mom and I bake cookies together. Some years we have no time to get together and make our own. Other years I call her up to bake cookies with me or else I will have no motivation to get it done.

This year Belle was old enough to “help” and she loved it. Now that Belle is older I would like to make this a tradition. She loved helping grandma roll out the dough and help mommy cut out the cookies. She didn’t get to help decorate this year because get this, she actually laid down and took a nap. Who would have thought with everything that was going on she would take a nap.

We ended up making about 3 batches of cut outs, 2 batches of peanut butter, 1 batch of snickerdoodle, Hello Dolly’s, and Tiger Butter.

Plus my mom helped me make the Candy Cane play dough I made for all the kids in Belle’s class. Sometimes my ideas get the better of me. But it worked out, I found time to do, and all were delivered and the kids loved it.

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