Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twinkling Lights at Night

It matters not if a tree is green, plastic or aluminum.  It only matters that it is decorated with smiles.
                       J. Allen Harrison

Our tree this year!

I have so much to post about but Belle and I have both been sick for the last three weeks which has made blogging difficult. Especially this time of year with so much going on. We went a couple weekends ago and picked out our tree.

Belle ready to go get our tree!

We took my mom with us this year to ensure that she did get a tree. Our first stop was the lot that we bought our tree from last year but not such good luck this year. We noticed there weren’t a lot of tree’s left when we went which was surprising since it was our normal weekend to go. We tried a couple more spots before we drove out to a tree farm. We didn’t cut down our tree but they had some pre cut trees and we ended up with a really nice one.

Belle with our tree.

When we first put it up I was a little disappointed the branches didn’t look to fall right. Which was weird since it was only bundled up for a couple hours (we stopped to get dinner after the tree). But now that is has been up for a while and is decorated, I absolutely love it. It is one of my favorites that we have had.

I had some bad luck with all of our white lights this year. Two of my three strands did not work. The Hubs went out twice to buy me new white lights. When the second strand for the tree didn’t work I decided to get all twinkle lights for it. I had one strand of twinkle I bought on accident but loved them. So now we have two and I love love love how the tree twinkles at night. Perfect!

Last year I did a tour of our tree, not much has changed since then. We did add a few more new ornaments from our Disney vacation. I love them and can’t wait to get more next October. This year for our ornaments instead of buying each other new ones for Christmas we picked out the ones we wanted from Disney. We came home with a lot.

The Hubs ornament for this year is Mickey Ears. It’s so cute. I regret not having his name put on the back though.

We bought Belle a new Baby’s First Christmas Ornament. I was never thrilled with the one we did pick out. I always wanted one from Disney to match our important ornaments, Just Married & 1st Anniversary. So obviously we got her a new one while we were there and had it personalized as well. The back has her name with 2009. I love it and am so so glad we got it.

My ornament for this year is a simple Minnie Mouse one. It’s simple but perfect.

Belle’s ornament for this year is Mickey and Minnie. It took me forever to decide what I wanted to get her. I really didn’t want to get her a Princess Belle since I have about three or four of my own. I found a Dumbo ornament during our vacation but when we went to buy our ornaments I couldn’t find it. Dumbo would have been perfect to represent Belle for this year since so loves elephants. So we settled on Mickey and Minnie to symbolize her first trip to Disney.

How could we not go one our first family vacation to Disney World and not get a family ornament?

And, we bought a pickle from the Germany pavilion in Epcot. Of course our pickle ornament would come from Disney.

Our tree has never had a theme. It’s pretty mismatched with ornaments from when I was a kid and ornaments we have collected together. The ones we bought each other and ones from the places we have been. But our tree is quickly becoming a Disney tree. We apparently go there too often.

Every year our tree becomes more and more perfect!

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