Friday, October 21, 2011

Around the World

Tuesday was our Epcot day. We had breakfast with the Princess scheduled for 9:30. Epcot had extra Magic Hours in the morning so we decided to get there a little early and have The Hubs run for some fastpasses and meet us at Akershus in Norway. My mom had bought Belle a Princess Belle dress for her breakfast. It was even more perfect that Belle is the greeter at Akershus.

We arrived pretty early and my mom and I took the long way to get to World Showcase. But we arrived with plenty of time. Belle was excited to see all the little girls in their princess dresses just like her. Even more excited over the girls in their Rapunzel dresses.

Belle did pretty good with the Princesses. We managed to get a cute picture with Belle in the front of the restaurant. Sleeping Beauty was the first to come to our table and once she saw Belle was afraid of her she quickly moved on. No pictures with Sleeping Beauty. Cinderella was next and she was wonderful. She stood by Belle but far enough away and talked with Belle. The only pictures we got were of Cinderella talking to Belle, but hey we got some pictures. Snow White was next and while she sat with Grandma to have her picture taken, she did not smile…but we are getting closer. Ariel on the other hand must have been Belle’s favorite. She was not scared at all and even did cheese face for the picture with her. My mom and I both managed to snap pictures of The Hubs who looked to be pretty happy to see Ariel as well. We still laugh at him over it.

After breakfast we used our fastpasses and explored the seas with Nemo and friends. But not before finding these fun street performers. I cannot remember the name of their group but they were chefs that played “drums” on stoves and pots and pans. They were really good and had the lame corny jokes that you laughed at cause hey you’re in Disney.

Once we were done in Future World we headed over to World Showcase. We started in Canada and got Belle a Duffy on a Stick, which she could color and have stamped and signed at all the Kidcot stations in all of the countries. We didn’t get it signed in the UK since she fell asleep, and we had to go back to France, but I had it signed in Morocco and the America Pavilion for her. Once she woke up we headed back to Japan so we could pick our pearls. We discovered this on our trip in 2008 and I loved it. Belle loved it as well this year. She had a blast clapping along and cheering with everyone. She had so much fun that she jumped into grandma’s arms for when it was grandma’s turn.

After our Pearls we basically just finished along our route of all the countries. We had a couple to return to the following day to pick some things up. We left Epcot pretty early. Grandma took Belle swimming while The Hubs and I went to get some maragaritas for the three of us. It ended up being an early night for all of us.

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