Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrating With the Mouse!

We had a fabulous trip. So much fun but it went so so quick. To me the whole trip is a blur. Before we left we were already planning next years trip, and I already can not wait for it. This was our third time going the same exact week. This year it was way busier then it has ever been. Busier to the point that we will give it one more go next year and then think about changing the week we go.

We had some really great expierences while we were there. Belle was scared of the characters, and most of the rides, and for the first hour the hotel room (not sure what that was about). But as the week went on she got better with the characters and the rides. Oh and she was calling our hotel room our house.

We wanted to get to the Magic Kingdom early on our first day which we did and actually got us the position to be the first family of the day to meet Mickey and Minnie. It was awesome but sadly, Belle was not amused by Mickey. She cried the entire time.

We had Belle's "first haircut" down at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street USA. Another truly great experience. Belle loved Dumbo, the Carousel (of course) and It's A Small World. She loved the tram from the parking lot to the front of the park and the monorail was called a ship all week.

We had a great time at the Magic Kingdom, but sadly her first day was filled with her being scared and getting use to all new things. Belle wasn't a big fan of the Princesses the first day but major props to all the Cinderella's we met over the week who took their time with Belle and talked with her and made her comfortable. It was amazing!

At one point we made the decision to do Mickey's Philharmagic. Probably not our best move with how Belle had been on all the rides that day. It resulted in Belle and running out of the theater and waiting in the gift shop for it to be done and daddy and grandma to come out. Belle was gifted Minnie's kitty Figaro because we could not get her to put it down and it made her feel better. She brought that cat every where the rest of the week.

We had a really nice dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern with a great waitress. Belle received her own dish of ice cream and was sung Happy Birthday too. She hammed it up with the waitress and it was one of the two meals that she actually ate really good at.

After dinner we took Belle on Pooh, the Tea Cups, Dumbo agian, the carousel a few more times, and It's A Small World. She loved all of them but probably Pooh.

We tried to head out the park before the fireworks started but got stuck in gridlock on the bridge heading towards Crystal Palace. Belle managed to fall asleep during the fireworks and we got to see about half the fireworks before they got everyone moving.

Up next, a breakfast date with Princess Belle!

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