Friday, June 3, 2011

Twenty Months

Today you are 20 months old. In just 4 short months you will be a two year old. Two years old already kid. Slow down for mommy. You are getting so big and learning so much. When we came home from camping earlier this week you had a whole new list of words added to your vocabulary. Your favorite word is still yeah right now.
You moved up to the toddler room a couple of months ago and you are doing so well in your new classroom. You have made all new friends and are still the little helper of the room. You still love art time and maybe even a little more now. If you could, you would paint or color all day long. You learn new songs every day and you just start signing them when you want us to sing them with you. Your babbling is taking off too. Daddy and I have no clue what you are saying but you can get so intense and serious when you talk to us.
You love to be independent but only if mommy and daddy are nearby. But you can also play nicely and quietly if mommy is cleaning or making dinner. You are a complete sweetheart. You love to give hugs, which daddy calls your French hug. You hug one shoulder and then the next and throw a kiss before or after and you melt mommy's heart.
You love your dolls. You put them all the sleep on their bellies and put blankets over them while you pat their backs. Sometimes you grab your blanket and Minnie Mouse and lay with them. You are going to love what mommy and daddy are getting you for your birthday.
Your birthday. I can't believe how quickly it is coming up. We'll be in Disney for your actual birthday. You will get to meet Minnie Mouse on your birthday kid! I am so excited for you! Plus we have a special Princess breakfast planned for you.
Isabelle every day you make my heart soar. Every day you make me proud to be your mommy. You are so special and mommy and daddy love with all of their hearts. You are our world. I wish I could keep you little forever. I love you kiddo!
Happy 20 Month Day!
Mommy loves you!

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