Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Little Greek Girl

This past weekend was our local Greek Festival. Being that I am Greek we had to go. We haven't been the last 2 years so this year was a must. Honestly there isn't too much to do there other than eat. They have a ton of food and all of it is amazing. I didn't get many pictures. It was raining that morning so not many people ventured out to the festival that afternoon. Plus when we left it had started raining again. Everything is in doors or under tents so we stayed dry none the less.

The Hubs and I both got Gyros this year and then split a Souvlaki on a stick. Belle had a hot dog. I wasn't sure what she was going to eat so we decided on just a hot dog for her. She had some of my Gyro which she ate. We gave her some pork which she didn't like at all. She must prefer mine because she eats pork at home. Before we left we grabbed some homemade baked goods. Of course I needed to get some Baklava since I am too lazy to make it.

In one of the shops there was some clothing right from Greece. There were a couple beautiful toddler dresses but I did not end up getting one. Hopefully next year. Every year this festival makes me desire to go to Greece grow that much deeper. Some day.

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  1. I grabbed dinner at a local Greek fest a few months ago and was wishing I had Greek family! The festivities weren't big, but they had a the little children dancing and I thought it was just SO darn cute.. love the dress!!


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