Monday, June 27, 2011

Haunted Radio

Last week we had a really sever thunder storm. It was reported that we had over a thousand lightning strikes. Including one hitting a house a couple streets over from us. I am sure there were more then just that one in our neighboorhood since the thunder was crazy.

The Hubs was awake for all of it and I was in and out. The thunder would wake me up but then I would doze off inbetween until lighting stuck close to our house. The Hubs and I jumped out of bed and it wasn't long before we realized the power went out. The Hubs got up to find his phone to set the alarm so we would get up in the morning. Our alarm clock has a radio connected to it. While The Hubs was gone the radio turned on. Let me remind you that the power was out. It only lasted a second and The Hubs thought I was nuts until it turned on again and stayed on. Clear as day we could hear everything on the radio perfectly.

I of course stayed calm and told The Hubs to unplug it before it blew up or something. Completely level headed.

The power was back on when we woke up the next morning and the radio has not turned on by itself anymore. But still freaky!

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