Monday, June 27, 2011

Crazy Past Week

So I have been MIA for the past week. I didn't mean to be but one thing led to another and so on. We were in Hershey PA two weekends ago. We didn't get home until almost five o'clock on Monday. We went to The Bug to get Belle as soon as we got back in town. The first thing we noticed, besides her lack of excitement that we were home, was a yellow goop in her eyes. We decided to wait it out overnight since we had just got back into town.

The next morning when I went in to get Belle up she couldn't open her eyes, they were crusted close. So we called work and told them we were going to be late and waited for the pedi to open. While waiting I googled and came across that it could be a sinus infection draining through her eyes instead of her nose but can cause an ear infection. We were lucky enough to get an early appointment. Not so lucky as in our doctor decided that it was pink eye. Honestly, I still don't think it was. But she indeed did have an ear infection. So I did not go back to work on Tuesday and The Hubs had to rearrange his schedule to work from home on Wednesday.

I tried to update last week with some pictures from Hershey, but blogger wasn't letting me add an pictures into my posts. On Wednesday I ended up going home from work early with a fever. I spent the night sick and stayed home on Thursday. Friday was uneventful but was spent trying to catch up on everything. I promise to get my pictures from the previous weekend up this week. Because people, we stayed in an awesome hotel for our friend’s wedding. Plus I have pictures from this past Saturday which was my work family picnic at Fantasy Island, a local small amusement park.

I am feeling better Belle's eyes are fine and were ready for this summer and fourth of July coming this weekend already!

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  1. Oh no! Poor babe! You all need some rest! Can't wait to see your pictures!


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