Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hershey Pennsylvania

On the 18th we left Belle with my mom and headed on a six hour road trip for a friend of ours wedding. The wedding was on Sunday and since it was only about a half hour away from Hershey we decided to stay there Saturday and continue on our way Sunday.

We stayed in a really nice hotel that if we traveled more with Belle this would be my first choice. All the rooms have a full kitchen and allow pets. The pet thing doesn't really do anything for us since we do not travel with our cat but the full kitchen is a plus when you have a toddler.

View of our room from the kitchen.

The full kicthen. Don't mind our Wendy's cups.

We decided not to do the park since it was almost five before we actually got into Hershey to do anything. So we went to Hershey's Chocolate World which is where you can go on factory tour, not really the factory and then pay an outrageous amount to make your own candy bar, or pay another outrageous amount and create your own desert. Or pay $6 to watch a really bad 3D movie, which we did do. Honestly, we should have done the theme park. We had fun either way and after we were done in Chocolate World we headed into actual Hershey for some dinner and got some pictures of the real factory. Ok, so they aren't the best pictures but it's something to look at.

Actual Hershey Factory

Street lights in Hershey

The next morning we packed up and headed thirty minutes down the road to Lancaster PA for our friends wedding. I am going to continue this post tomorrow because I have a ton of pictures of the other hotel I want to post.

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