Monday, May 23, 2011

Finally Some Sun!

This past weekend was wonderful. We played outside, grilled hot dogs, went to a couple garage sales, and ended the weekend by going to the zoo.
Our Village was having its annual village wide garage sale this past weekend. As we were driving by one I spotted all baby and kid items. I of course made The Hubs stop and we ended up getting Belle a $40 ball pit for $10. The kid is obsessed with balls so it was a good deal.

Love this face!

We enjoyed our time outside playing with all of Belle's new outdoor toys. Of course I still want to get her a sand/water table but for now she has more than enough to keep her happy. Although I almost broke down and bought one Friday night at Toys R Us. Almost.

I hope the weather figures out what it is doing soon and the nice days stick around for a while.

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