Friday, May 20, 2011

I LOVE this Stroller!

A friend of mine is due with her second little bundle next month. She recently just purchased her double stroller which of course I had to go check out. Which I then fell in love with this beauty. The Baby Jogger City Select.

Now don't get me wrong, I have no complaints about the stroller we currently have. Our Gracco travel system is great. It folds with one movement, it’s not heavy (meaning I can lift in and out of the back of our Equinox with no problem) and Belle can sleep hours in it with no problems. So it must be comfy right? Plus it has plenty of storage underneath.
But this one is awesome. For starters it's a single stroller with the potential for 16 different combinations for the growing family. Meaning that when we do decide to add on to our family we can keep this stroller and add on another seat with no problems.
Like my Gracco this folds in one easy step, but from the looks of the video it folds super easy. Like in a blink of any eye and the women lifted it with one hand. The front wheels for quick and smooth maneuvering. But they can also be locked in place for jogging or longer distances.
The seat of course has multi positions and the sun canopy also has multi positions, which I would love. I don't feel like the one on our Gracco completely covers her face when we go for our evening walks.
Now for my favorite part, in just a minute’s time the City Select can go from a single stroller to a double. Not only can it convert to a double but you can choose from 16 different combinations.

Some of my favorites include:

I love this stroller. I completely regret not taking the time and actually researching and checking out strollers when I was pregnant with Belle. We literally walking into Babies R Us to do our registry and picked the one we have. I liked the pattern. Which is nice and again I have no complaints. But it can’t do what this one does, and when we do decide to have another, we will need a new double stroller. This one all we would have to do is add a seat.
Now, how do I convince The Hubs???

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