Tuesday, May 24, 2011


One of the things we love about The Bug is that as long as it is a certain temp and not raining they will play outside every day. With all of this niceish (niceish being that it's warm but raining or sunny and chilly) Belle has been going out close to every day for the last few weeks.
Last week it was a very nice day and I dressed Belle in one of her new outfits. It was a cute little skirt with adorable little pockets. When I had picked Belle up that day her class had just gotten in from outside. The teacher asked if I wanted them to change her diaper and I declined as we were just going home I could do it then.
When we got home we went right to her room to get changed. I pulled off that skirt with the adorable pockets and then sand went everywhere. All over the changer, all over the floor, all over Belle. I flipped over the skirt and stuck my hand in her pocket. More sand.
I looked at Belle and asked her, did you put sand in her pockets? She looked up at me smiled and as proud as she could said "yeah!"


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