Tuesday, March 8, 2011

All For An Amazing Cause...

For a weekend I threw out my toddlers schedule and routine. I packed and uprooted my family to a local hotel. I let my child eat junk food. All for an amazing cause. My family volunteered our weekend and our time to raise money for our local Women and Children's Hospital. My mother, brother, husband and I stood together and honored my father. My father volunteered every year to work the Variety Club Telethon. This was his baby. He loved it.

My brother and husband teamed together and took over my father’s position as co-chairmen of the Transportation department. They worked together with another team member and were successful. My father could not be any prouder of them as his right now.

Near the end of the telethon my mother, brother, brother's girlfriend, my self, Patrick, and Belle went on and made two donations in my father's name. One donation was from the car club that he was apart of for 26 years and the other from my mother, brother, and myself. We were honored to have Mr. Food come on with us and say a few wonderful words about my father. Over the years my father and Mr. Food got to know each other very well. When we held my father's benefit just over a year ago Mr. Food made a DVD and sent it to my father. He truly is an amazing caring guy!

We will continue to volunteer our time every year for this cause. It is an amazing cause and because of this telethon our local Women's and Children's Hospital has a state of the art NICU and Pharmacy. We have isolates that are thousands upon thousands of dollars that help save babies every single day. We are blessed to have this hospital in our back yard. We are blessed that we have never needed this hospital. With having Belle I am very happy to know we have an amazing hospital that does amazing things every day in our town.

At the end of the telethon my little TV star made it on TV more times then I can count. She was a little star!

We are thankful to all who volunteered their time and to all who donated. With out any of them we would not have been as nearly as successful as we were.

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