Monday, January 24, 2011

For The Love of Blogging - Meet Me Monday!

Please stop by and see Miranda at Not Super Just Mom and Katie at Sluiter Nation this week. They are having a week long event that is all about the Love of Blogging. Today is Meet Me Monday.

What can I say about myself? My name is Angela, I have a wonderful husband that I have been married to for over 3 years. He is my rock and my support. He puts up with my crazy moments and loves me for who I am. He supports me in everything I do and is there to pick up the pieces and keeps me from falling apart when the world feels like it is crashing down on me. We have an amazing little girl who is 15 months old. She is our everything. My entire world and I can not imagine a day without her. I love my blog, and I love scrapbooking. Sadly I don't have the time anymore to keep up with it. But I try my best to fit in. I am new to the whole wine world and find myself enjoying it. I LOVE Disney. The Hubs and I are huge fans and Disney World is by far our favorite place to vacation, so far.

Shortly after Belle was born we were constantly being asked for more and more pictures of Belle. So I started this blog for a way of posting pictures for family and friends. Slowly I started writing on it and found other blogs to read. I started commenting and participating in blog hops and weekly memes. I started posting more and more which has gotten my blog to where it is today. I hope that in the next year my blog grows a little more. I am still learning as I go.

Since today is meet me Monday we are giving tours of our blog homes. Mine is pretty simple. On the left, where you are right now is where you find my daily posts. And some snazzie pictures of the cutest girl ever (or I think so at least). To your right is Belle aka cutest girl ever. She is, you guessed it, Belle of Belle's Butterfly Dreams.

Moving on down is where you can find me on Twitter and Facebook. Just click on them and they will take you right to me. Feel free to follow me on Twitter and Like me on facebook. I will be forever thankful! Below that is where you can sign up to receive my posts by email. To be honest, I have no clue how many people have signed up. At least one, and umm, thats me.

And if we keep moving down you will find my button. It's the first button I made when I first created my blog a year ago. I have been going back and forth on if I should update it. But I haven't completely found the new look I want yet. So I have been just going with holiday's and seasons right now. Since were talking about buttons below my button is another button for my Disney blog. I am still just starting out over there. Few posts, but it is mainly all about Disney and our trips and our upcoming trip in October. It is my vacation blog home. Check it out if you get the chance, especially if you have an obsession love for Disney like I do.

Then we have Google Friend Connect where you can follow me. My vote for me button for picket fence blogs. If you like what you see go ahead and vote for me, thanks! My blog archive by month. Blog communities I belong to and then buttons for some of my favorite blogs which I think I need to update since I haven't done so in a few months.

If we head back up to the top you will find tabs going across under my header. Those are basic. My about me page which is surprise, about me. Then my contact info. Where you can find me and where you can email me. After that I have my PR information and last but not least is the blog awards that I have received from other bloggers.

Basically that is my little blog home in a nutshell. Please visit Katie and Miranda all week for some For The Love of Blogging fun. They have a whole week of events going on.

Also, I have another post for today about the disaster that is my house right now.


  1. Hi, Angela! Your family is beautiful! :) Enjoyed visiting your blog!

  2. She just might be the cutest baby I've ever seen!

  3. love this tour!! and your family is way gorgeous! what a cute little peanut!

  4. BABY GIRL! Gosh. I love being a Boy Mom, but sometimes I want a little pink in my life :)

  5. Hi thanks for the tour! So great to find new blogs!


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