Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Belle Has Gone Viral

Belle developed a really bad rash last week. I wasn't even at work for an hour on Thursday when I got a call from The Bug. The little red spots she had the night before developed into a full blown rash that spread from her belly up to her neck and face and on to her back. I hung up with The Bug and called the doctor right away. I made an appointment for that afternoon. The nurse didn't see to concerned about it. I called The Bug back and told them we had an appointment and we will be picking her up early. She didn't have a fever.

About a half hour before we were going to leave The Bug calls me again. Belle wasn't acting herself and not eating. So we left then and went to get her. She smiled as soon as we walked in. We talked with her teacher. Belle did take a late morning nap that morning and ate breakfast but didn't want any lunch. She didn't even want her milk. We were only about 10 minutes from the doctors but since we left early we were going to be a half hour early to our appointment. We headed there anyways. To our surprise they took us immediately.

Our doctor came in and checked her out. She said that it didn't look like chicken pox because when you touched it, it turned white and then back to red. Chicken pox won't turn white. It also was flesh with her skin not raised. There was no puss in it. So her rash was viral. Plus she had a runny nose and the doctor checked her throat. It was red so we did a strep test. Thankfully that came back negative.

Doctor: The rash looks like it is viral.

After doctor leaves the room.

The Hubs: Does this mean Belle is going to get a ton of hits on You Tube now?

Me: What?!?!

The Hubs: Because she is going viral?

Hahaha soooo funny....yeah....

As soon as we left there she was fine. She never took an afternoon nap but was happy and laughing and playing. She ate very little dinner and feel asleep cuddling with me before bed. She was much better on Friday morning and her rash had gone down so we decided to take her since we both have missed a ton of work the last couple of weeks. By Saturday her rash was completely gone and she is doing well.

Not sure what the rash was and really what caused it but I spent that morning freaking out. When your a mom you immediately think the worse. Thankfully it was nothing bad and we didn't have anything to give her and were told not to put anything on it.

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  1. Haha @ your husband!

    Hayden had that last year. Rash everywhere and not himself. The do said the same thing, just a virus and it will go away! Crazy!


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