Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday's Top 10 - For the Love of Blogging!

Keeping with the For the Love of Blogging event the themes for this weeks Top 10 Tuesday are "What I Love About Blogging" and "10 Reasons I Blog". I am going to try and do the top 10 reasons that I blog, but what I love about blogging may or may not find its way into my list.

10) It allows me to be creative. There are so many weekly prompts that I can partake in to let my creative juices flow. Like this week I plan on writing my first Red Dress Club prompt. Now if I post it is another story.

9) All of you. I have met some wonderful people while blogging. Some people that I have connected with. Some people that I have never talked to but can relate to on so many levels. Your comments and all of your kind words keep me going.

8) Support. When I feel like my child is the only one not spilling out 100's of words I stumble on a blog where their child is the same age and not talking yet either. I find comfort in knowing that I'm not the only one. I find comfort in their words on encouragement. I find comfort when I find a blog that can put my thoughts into better words then I can because they feel the same way I am feeling.

7) I love reading. When I find a blog I love, I find myself going back to it every day to see if there is anything new or any updates to previous posts. It's like a book that never ends.

6) I have learned so much. I probably would never have a Twitter account if it wasn't for blogging. I probably would not have photoshop or now how to do anything in it. I have taught myself how to use it. I have taught myself how to make blog headers. I am constantly learning html and CSS. Now RSS, that still blows my mind for what ever reason. I have tried and just don't know where to even begin.

5) I love documenting our lives. I love having dates on everything. Documentation of what Belle did and when. Where we were, how it happened. Trust me, I have gone back many times to find out when Belle did what or when a picture was taken. It's wonderful having everything right here with a date.

4) I blog for me. I regret not starting my blog while I was pregnant. I had a rough pregnancy and it probably would have done some good if I would have been blogging during it. Its a place for me to write. I blog to put everything that is in my head down on paper, or on my computer screen (same thing). It is my outlet. It helps me think through things better once I get them out.

3) This is my own place. This is my place to put what ever is in my head (see above) out there. I can say whatever I want here. It is my home. I can express my opinions, I can rant and rave, I can vent, I can let it all out and cry.

2) I can brag about my child with out getting the eye rolls and that I don't really care what she did looks. If you don't want to read about my child again, you don't have to. Again, this is my home and I can brag about her all I want.

1) And simply, because I like doing it. It is my hobby. It is one thing I can do anywhere that I have a computer. I blog at home in the evenings. Or on weekends when I have some time to myself. I blog at work on my lunch hour, or even when its slow and I have nothing left to do I will hop on. Sometimes punch out a post and others just catching up on other blogs. It's something I do for just me. You are all just here for the ride!

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  1. I know what you mean about braggin about the kids without annoyign anyone! Your blog is yours and thats what is so great!

  2. Good list! I agree with #7 - "it's a book that never ends" - very true!

  3. You use your blog to brag about your kids and not see the eyerolls. I use my blog to poke fun at my kids and not get the eyerolls. We're so similar in our own ways!


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