Monday, January 24, 2011

Disaster Site.

Since now I have a toddler I have decided that my house is never going to be clean again. I try my best to keep it clean during the week. Lets be honest, once Belle is down for the night I am exhausted and have very little ambition to wash the living room tables, again. I have glass tables in the living room. I wash them and seriously 10 minutes later some how little fingerprints find their way on to them. Even when she is already in bed.

Since there is not much time from the time we get home to bed time during the week her play area usually stays pretty clean. I pick up and reorganize some things. But on weekends it's a disaster. I clean it up every night after she goes to bed and when she gets up in the morning it's like a tornado has gone through it.

Tornado Belle...

...And the aftermath.

And even after I clean up the aftermath of Tornado Belle, I turn around to find her pulling more toys down.

My living room is a disaster. The tables need a good cleaning. And I have a laundry basket full of clothes that apparently do not fold themselves. I have sympathy cards laying on my coffee table. And confession time, I still have Christmas lights up in my front window and some snowmen still on our entertainment center. Every thing else has been put away. I have one tote that needs to come up. The Hubs offered to bring it up for me but I didn't have the energy that day to take everything down. With my father being sick and passing at the beginning of the month I didn't have the time. Then the week after I didn't feel like dealing with it. And now, I am simply just exhausted. It will come down so I can put my valentines heart in the window. The laundry will be folded so we have clothes to wear this week. Belle's toys will be picked up and put away each night. And my tables will be cleaned. All so that it can be a disaster by Friday again.

I think I just need a cleaning lady...

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