Friday, December 3, 2010

Leaving On A Jet Plane!

Ok not really but as of 1pm this afternoon I will be on vacation from work until the tenth of December. While I am thrilled to be off for an entire week just Belle, The Hubs, and I it is very bittersweet. We are suppose to be leaving today for our first ever family vacation. Not only was it our first ever family vacation, but it was Belle's first trip to Disney.

We had to postpone the trip a few months which trust me I am happy we are now going when we are and that Belle will be turning two while we are there. But I am still sad that we are not going anywhere. We will spending our week home doing things around here. Or whatever we can since we got hit with a TON of snow this week. First snow fall and it was a lot.

We have a Christmas party tomorrow night. Then we are spending the week doing Christmas things. Doing some shopping, going to see Santa, and getting our tree. I can not wait to get our tree and decorate it. Were going to take Belle to the Children's Museum of Play that is about an hour away and go out from some late lunch. Were going to finish our week out with our family portraits. I can not wait.

I am also going to attempt to get some shots of Belle by the tree for our Christmas cards. As you can see in our latest pictures it is impossible to get Belle to look at the camera and smile. Good thing I have a week to do this.

I am going to attempt some crafts this week. We have to make Belle's gifts for her teachers at The Bug. I am going to try making some of the felt food I talked about last week. And I have another project up me sleeve that I am not going to spill yet since it is for our Christmas cards.

I am excited for the week off and to be able to get somethings done, you know like Christmas shopping. There may or may not be some baking as well. I won't promise anything to The Hubs.

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